Don’t underestimate how important written communication is in the workplace. When it comes time for a promotion or a raise, your writing at work might make all the difference.

Why write well at work?

Writing well at work used to be seen as a ‘soft skill’. Nice to have, but not a central qualification. Those days are over. It is the skill which is going to make you stand out from the crowd.

Great writing at work is good for you, your career, your organisation and your audience. It can help you:

  • develop ideas
  • get support – ideas can’t stand up if they aren’t communicated well
  • be perceived as a leader and a good communicator
  • understand your own message
  • find confidence
  • stand out – your information is competing for attention from so many sources
  • save time – well written content needs less maintenance
  • feel good!

How to build your brand as a great communicator

Make everything you write at work clear, succinct and to the point. Treat every piece of writing you do – emails, PowerPoint presentations, reports – as important.

Do that, and you build your personal brand as someone who has ideas, and can communicate them clearly to others.

APPLES: Simple tips for writing at work

Follow the APPLES rule to write better business presentations – just like any other piece of writing.

  • Audience and purpose: You are not writing for yourself. Get to the point.
  • Plain English: Relevant information where every word counts and instructions are clear.
  • Punctuation and spelling: Don’t waste your efforts by looking unprofessional.
  • Language: Big words do not make you look smarter.
  • Edits, plans and drafts: Keep going until you get it right and it is a presentation you would want to watch.
  • Structure: If content is King, structure and presentation is Queen.

Getting the raise

When it comes time to discuss a promotion or raise, walk into the room with your reputation preceding you.

You’ll get the raise.