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Meet Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda and words are my superpower.

Everyone can write better. 

A professional copywriter and communications geek, I’m sharing a bunch of guidelines, secret passwords and rules. And giving you permission to break them all.

Real writing for real people

The first book in the Write Better series, Write Better: How To Cut The Crap And Say What You Mean, takes you through putting your audience in the spotlight, nailing your structure, and using language that works.

Banish your fear of the blank page with tips on getting started, drafting, editing and proofreading. Then put it all into practice with how to’s on emails, websites, presentations, job stuff and… ransom notes. Just in case.

You’ll learn how small changes to your writing make a big difference, and to ask ‘so what?’

Ready to write better?

“Possibly the greatest book ever written. Ever. 

Amanda's mum

“This is THE book for all grammar and language nerds and nazis and for the Maries (see intro!) of the world… you’ll never embarrass yourself again.

Highly recommended!”

Sandra D, Grammar and language enthusiast

Amanda breaks down those complex grammar theories from yesteryear into easy tips and tricks on how to write better. Including a ransom note.”

Anna Vinfield

Communications specialist

“Amanda’s book is full of sound advice for those who struggle to write as well as the seasoned pro. Don’t just write well – Write Better!”

Andrew C Lau


“Easy to understand advice, practical tips and relatable examples, this book should be on the desk of every business owner.”

Kate Toon

Author | Speaker | Copwriter | SEO expert

“Everyone should have a copy on their desks for those moments where the blinking cursor paralyses them into inaction.”

Kelly Exeter

Author | Editor | Ghostwriter, Level up your writing

“Loved it! So very easy to read. Such great, practical advice and easy to understand examples.”

Estelle Fallon

Copywriter, Words That Fit

Amanda explains what you need to know, and how to cut through the crap your high school English teacher told you.”

This book makes writing better simple.”

Lauren June

Boss Lady, Roooar magazine

“Practical, fun and full of writing tips that shouldn’t be secrets. Buy this book, borrow this book or steal it off your friend’s desk.”

Peter Crocker

Writer | Editor, Flying Solo

This is the most straightforward, practical, and helpful handbook on writing in today’s world. 

Rochelle Bright

Poet | Writing teacher

“Thank goodness you stuck with the word stuff.”

Every math teacher Amanda ever had

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