Content marketing gods, I’m sorry I didn’t blog today. Or this week.

Have you found some marbles lying around? They might be mine.

I’m a copywriter with marketing smarts. I’m all over content marketing and the importance of consistent, fresh content.

I know about carefully researched keywords.

I understand my audience, and the need to publish regularly. I have approximately 59 blogs in draft.

And I am also a mum.

But today, I’ve got 24 reasons why I didn’t get to it.

  1. Realise baby’s vaccination is booked for today. Double timed getting out the door in time with Baby and Miss 3.
  2. Pack lunchbox for Miss 3. Wonder if other parents judge my lack of creative food choices and no hand whittled cheese figurines. Decide don’t care.

  3. Decide do care. Add cheese whittling course to my to do list.
  4. Get into car. Disgusting smell and weird fruit flies. Identify ground zero as a banana skin thoughtfully stuffed down side of Miss 3’s car seat.

  5. Forget to open garage door when reversing. Slight impact, no damage that needs to be disclosed to husband.
  6. Almost at daycare, turn around to go back for Miss 3’s hat. The blue one in the car was not right. She wanted the other blue one. Pick your battles.

  7. Miss 3 declares she knows what mummy needs for Christmas – a hairbrush and a tent. I daydream of escaping on a solo camping trip where I can brush my hair in peace.
  8. Arrive in daycare carpark. Miss 3 lifts up her dress to triumphantly declare “Mum, I took my undies off!”. Tells each parent we pass. And shows them.

  9. Retrieve spare undies for Miss 3. Brief but fearsome lecture on why we need to wear undies.
  10. Realise baby has poo. No spare nappies. Throw myself on mercy of nursery teacher who lends me one. Well, gives me one. This baby eats like a horse, she won’t want that sucker back.

  11. Quickly check emails before leaving. Receive request to rewrite website with SEO friendly content in exchange for car detailing services. I couldn’t possibly accept that. I have 2 kids. It wouldn’t be fair on the car detailer.
  12. On way to doctor, rescheduled planned lunch with a friend for the 7th time. We live 20 minutes away. I haven’t seen her in 3 years.

  13. Get to doctor and Baby is weighed and measured. Baby’s head so round and big the nurse looks at the result, then measured it again. Wonder about future prospects for poor big headed baby.
  14. Watch Baby laugh in the face of pain and giggle through getting needles. Champion.

  15. Ask GP if I should be cooking more and not using as many purees. She snorts and tells me I am doing fine. Leapt over the desk and kissed her (well… thought about it).
  16. Arrive home and briefly wonder how I would know if the place was burgled and ransacked. Short answer: I would not know.

  17. Cuddle baby. Stare at her big, fat head and choke up that she was growing up.
  18. Bit the bullet and booked a cleaner to start next week. Felt empowered, independent. Then felt guilty and drafted email to cancel the booking. Panicked about only having 6 days to clean the house before the cleaner starts.

  19. Watch ABC Kids, and have some serious questions about Postman Pat and his special delivery service. When he gets a call to pick up a package, he doesn’t even ask what it is! Come on Pat, get organised. Wonder if Pat has a business plan.

  20. Realise I had been watching ABC kids for 2 hours with no kids in the room.

  21. Develop new strategic marketing plan to encourage family to eat more fruit. Cut strawberries and apple up for myself, leave in bowl on sink. Turn my back, all eaten in 47 seconds.

  22. Friend with new baby asks me for some mum advice. I tell her first babies are like cats – they rule the world, you are their servant, and they remain imperiously oblivious to your struggle. The second baby is more like a dog. Happy for whatever scrap of attention or bacon they can get. Less demanding, but always on call for cuddles if you need them.

  23. Wonder if I should write a book Your Second Child is a Dog. Add it to my to-do list.
  24. Try a new recipe (packed with secret vegetables) for savoury mince. Husband says “It’s not your best. But it’s OK”. Miss L says “Mum, it is not disgusting’. Possibly nicest comments on my cooking ever.

So… how was your day?

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